What is Wellbeing?

Everyone wants to lead a happy and fulfilling life.


Emotional regulation is the ability to manage emotions in response to the demands of ongoing experiences.

Play and Leisure

Introduction For all children and young people play is one of the essential vehicles for learning within a safe and secure environment.

Personal Care

Personal care incorporates the daily and weekly activities people engage in, such as showering, teeth brushing, washing hands and dressing.

Sensory Processing

Learning Disability and Sensory Processing Unusual responses to sensory information are often associated with autism (APA, 2013).

Social Communication and SLD

AssessmentAttentionSocial Interaction and EngagementReceptive Language Skills and Non-Verbal CommunicationExpressive Communication Introduction One of the core features of autism is 'persistent difficulties with social communication and social interaction' (APA, 2013).

Broad Approaches that Support the Autistic Learner

Behaviour The term ‘behaviour’ refers to everything an individual does or says and in general it can be said that behaviour communicates a message.

Visual Methodology

Symbolic DevelopmentVisual SchedulesSupporting ChoiceSetting up the Classroom EnvironmentStructuring the Home Environment Research has shown that autistic children and young people tend to have a visually based learning style.